Because of the disasters in Guatemala and two weeks before leaving, we decided not to do the Spanish course. Although the people in Guatemala can certainly use our tourist dollars, we didn't want to be disaster tourists. To still have an enjoyable holiday, we came back to cycling and booked a trip from eastern Thailand to northern Thailand with Asian Way of Life.

We have had a wonderful holiday, in which we traveled over a 1000 km. The first few days we followed the Mekong River which forms the border with Laos. Then we left the planned route and by some considerable climbs, two beautiful resorts and Phitsanulok, we went to Sukhothai. We stayed a bit longer in Sukhothai to experience the start of Loy Krathong and to enjoy the sun and the swimming pool. From Sukhothai we cycled to Chiang may where we relaxed for a week. All in all, we have enjoyed our holiday tremendously.

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